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Rotten Media is a divulgation media platform + creative studio of conscious artist’s committed to build a better future. We are focus on elevate ethical projects and sustainable brands.


In conversation with David Corrochano - Interview, 2021.

Over the years, David has elevated his work from being a travel photographer to being one of the main creators of a project that documents the reality that exists with the naked eye but that we all choose to ignore.

"We are all heroes" is a project that was initially born with the idea of exhibiting the current plastic problem in Bali, Indonesia, and showing the evident contrast with what we are used to seeing from these places.

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Conscious art? - Essay, 2021.

What is conscious art and why is it so important? It covers topics ranging from gender equality and the civil rights movement to ecology. Artists' practice of being socially aware is recorded in their subject matter, but it can also show through the media and materials they use.

In this article, Venezuelan photographer Dani Rodriguez exposes his vision about the relation art ︎︎︎ environment through history and why it is so important to practice it now.

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Creative Studio +
Production Agency

At Rotten Studio we offer a holistic creative package comprised of consultation, design, and content. Our projects are focus on elevate sustainable projects/brands transcending traditional disciplines, aiming to not only reinvent what is within boundaries, but to move beyond them. See studio.

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