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Creative studio  +  Production agency

At Rotten Studio we offer a holistic creative package comprised of consultation, design, and content. Our projects are focus on elevate sustainable projects/brands transcending  traditional disciplines, aiming to not only reinvent what is within boundaries, but to move beyond them. 

Concept and design:
Not everybody shares the same visual language. We’ll take care of your corporate identity, by transforming your vision into videos, images and designs. We’ll help you define and refine your style, using our experience to create a high quality product that will communicate your brand exactly as you desire. Additionally, we will take care of the project after its launch to ensure that it stays at the top of the news stream.

Art direction / Creative direction /  Web and Graphic design
Content production:
With a focus on contemporary aesthetics, we create content that is authentic and emotional. Besides advertising campaigns, we create music videos, fashion editorials and short films, all with a passion for detail and an eye for the visual translation of your work or brand. Our goal is to create content that conveys the zeitgeist, as well as the character and mood of places, people and products.

Photo / Video / Direction / Post-production / Grading 


This is how we help:

We are commited to keep our environmental impact low in each production.
See our sustainability criteria here