We develop ethical campaigns with a
positive impact for conscious brands & sustainable projects.


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Rotten Studio makes a positive impact by conducting ethical campaigns for sustainable brands and regenerative culture projects. By providing premium consulting, brand communication and visual design services. The aim is to build useful tools that helps creatives and supports a positive, constructive message for people and planet.

Barcelona based. Commercially available
for projects worldwide.

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Art direction
Creative consulting
Photography and videography
Editorial campaigns
Web and graphic design
Digital marketing
Social Media management
PR and media
Brand development
Creative partnerships



As creators of the material that is consumed, communication strategists, and analysts of how the brands/products we aim to represent are perceived by our audience; we are active participants in the 
chain of consumption.

At Rotten Studio, we pay attention to the details throughout each step of the creative process, studying the most conscious way to carry out our projects. By minimizing waste, sourcing responsibly and taking action to optimize the different elements that make up an advertising campaign (video production, photography, graphic design, communication, marketing strategy, etc …), we are able 
to offer quality service with the least environmental impact possible.


Catering:  We reduce the waste and CO2 emissions from our catering operations derived from costly organizational choices. We also prioritize a vegan|vegetarian menu, to guarantee our staff healthy and good quality nutrition while respecting the environment. 
Energy saving: We ensure an efficient reduction of the environmental impact in our film production, limiting polluting emissions and energy waste as much as possible by consuming responsibly and choosing the cleanest options available, always favoring renewable energy sources.
Material selection: We encourage the use of materials that respect the environment, thus guaranteeing the well-being of both the place and the people who work on the set. We avoid wasting materials by finding efficient solutions for their reuse, always aiming for circularity.
Transport & Accomodation: We aim to reduce pollutant emissions derived from motorized transport vehicles; through a responsible organization of movements, reducing distances and choosing our means of transport responsibly, thus allowing a reduction in fuel consumption.
Waste collection: During the entire course of filming, we ensure proper waste management and prioritize the reuse and recycling of materials rather than their disposal, thus reducing the impact of our film production on the environment.
Comunication: Our brand identity is conscious, respectful and with strong values. The stories we decide to tell and how we do it will always aim to make, in a creative way, a contribution to solve global conflicts, environmental issues and/or social problems.

You can download “Rotten Criteria” PDF Deck here.